Becoming a Green Shopper

by yourcleaningfairy - April 16, 2018

Becoming an Environment-Friendly Shopper 101 - Go Green

When you want to have an eco-friendly life, it’s a step by step process. It’s about the choices you make and how it would affect the environment. It doesn’t require any unique skills; however, be thoughtful and make adjustments to everything you do, from getting ready for your day to grocery shopping.


Here are some steps on how to shop eco-friendly:


Step 1: Shop in bulk.

Not only will this step save you money, but you will also save containers. Food that is bought in bulk is much cheaper in most cases, and a lot of times you can find organic ones as well. To avoid using more packaging, ask your store if they can allow you to bring your containers to put your purchases in.

Step 2: Use tote bags to bring home your groceries.

Instead of using plastic bags, use reusable tote bags in your grocery shopping. You don’t need expensive, fancy reusable grocery bags. If you need to be even more careful, you can save the paper/plastic bags from your previous grocery trip and reuse those.

Step 3: Buy locally when you can.

Carbon emissions are a principal offender when it comes to environmental concerns, so when you buy locally, you can either walk or bike to support the environment while you shop.

If there is a need to drive, you can find local retail as close to home as possible. And don’t make special trips to the grocery store unless it is an emergency. Instead, plan to swing by after work. Combining multiple errands in one day can improve your fuel—and time—efficiency.

Step 4: Don’t buy more than you need.

When you overconsume, you use valuable resources for much more than you need. In addition to that, you often find that you are wasting a lot as well. Wasted food is not only wrong for your pocketbook, but it is also bad for the environment.

Step 5: Stop buying single use or individual size products.

While single-use products are super convenient, they mean that there is much more packaging waste going into landfills. Instead, you can take or pack your sizes made from a bulk package in reusable containers for your lunches and consider a reusable lunch bag that is BPA free.

Step 6: Avoid products that have excessive packaging.

Have you ever noticed how some of the products nowadays are over-packaged? What happened to simplicity? Some brands are wrapped in plastic and placed inside plastic sleeves.

Cookies, chips—even sliced apples—are sometimes individually wrapped and sold in packaged sets. Yes, they’re handy for lunch, but these products produce a lot of waste. The same goes for individual bottles of soda or even water.

Instead of buying these kinds of products, you can opt for products with less wrapping, or purchase earth-friendly bulk buys for even less garbage.

Learn the importance of eco-friendly products, save the environment and clean your home! After grocery shopping, you can hire a trusted house cleaning service in Calgary that uses all-natural cleaning products and is eco-friendly. Help the earth and start an eco-friendly life! You can do it!