Spring Cleaning In Calgary

by yourcleaningfairy - April 24, 2018

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Spring Cleaning In Calgary.


It’s finally that time of the year again, spring.  Spring often comes with a number of opportunities and activities that families can engage in. From camping and canoeing to simply going to the park, there’s a lot to do during spring.

Spring time is also a time that calls for extra cleaning and hard work around the house. Have you done your spring cleaning in Calgary already? It helps in creating a clean and serene environment, which promotes peace of mind resulting in better mood.

Windows Cleaning.

At last we can bust open the windows to let the fresh, warm air in our Calgary homes, but how clean are they? Dust can build up really fast on your windows. Clean windows can really change how your home looks from the inside out. Clean windows let in light easier and faster instantly brightening the room.

According to research, light has a considerable impact on a person’s mood. Natural light can also help make certain rooms in your house appear larger. Windows cleaning can be time consuming, so you might opt to order inside windows cleaning in Calgary with your house cleaning company.

Oven Cleaning.

Spring is a good time to remember to have your oven cleaned, as typically it gets mostly used during cold winter months. With the start of spring we tend to fire up outdoor barbecue for roasting, so we can enjoy the warm weather while preparing dinner. There is a good chance your oven has a lot of buildup if you mostly cook and dine at home. Now is a good time to get it cleaned. We offer oven cleaning as an add on so you can order it with our house cleaning in Calgary at any time.

Fridge Cleaning.

It’s important to clean interior of the fridge not only for aesthetics, but to prevent food born illness. It’s a good time to sort through your fridge content and throw away expired food, drinks and condiments. Cleaning up all those spills and getting rid off the smell will make your fridge look and smell like new again. Remember to use food safe cleaner. If you don’t have time to take care of that, top up your standard house cleaning in Calgary with fridge cleaning add on.

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning.

When doing spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean inside of kitchen cupboards and drawers. You might be surprised by how much loose debris and dirt accumulate there. It’s important to remember to clean these areas. Just like your closets, your kitchen cabinets might contain things you don’t need or want anymore. Spring cleaning provides a good opportunity to sort through your kitchen cabinets content, so it’s a good idea to make some room in there.

Walls Spot Cleaning.

If you have children, it’s more than likely that you need your walls painted every few years. Spring cleaning provides a reminder and opportunity to spot clean those dirty finger prints and crayon marks in between walls painting. The safest product you can use to wash your walls is a microfiber cloth lightly damped in water or mixture of water and dish soap. Always make sure you clean test to avoid paint stripping. If you’re to busy to handle it yourself, you might choose to call in cleaning service for your walls cleaning in Calgary.