5 Ways Of Using Essential Oils As Home Air Fresheners

by yourcleaningfairy - May 9, 2018

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Make Your Home Smell Amazing Without The Use Of Chemicals.


There are numerous ways of making your home smell good naturally. The good aroma affects our mood and the mood of anyone else who steps into your home.

A good example of one of these natural agents includes essential oils. They are very natural as they are plant derivatives. Not only is a slight whiff pleasant, but it also caters to bettering the life of the user in all aspects, such as:

  • healing properties
  • triggering memories
  • helping with sleep-related issues
  • stimulating relaxation, causing a reduction in depression and mental stress related issues
  • cosmetic benefits such as skin cleansing

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5 Ways Of Using Essential Oils As Air Fresheners.


Pine Cones.

Using these cones with essential oils aid in decorating the home and enhancing its fragrance. You can include oils such as cinnamon or lavender into the cones. Then arrange these cones in a basket. Make sure that you restrict your inclusion of essential oils to one to two drops on every cone. The basket will help you move the cones from one room to another.


Replace your usual air freshener with an essential oil. With the aid of a spray bottle, use about three to four drops of the essential oil of your choice and include a cup of water. Make sure that you shake before you use it. You can use it on your bedding, blinds, or on the couch.

Q-tip Air Freshener.

Take a q-tip and dab it in the essential oil of your choice. Place this q-tip inside the tissue roll in the bathroom. This will act as an air freshener. You can increase the number of q-tips if you desire a stronger smell.

Gel Air Freshener.

These type of air fresheners enhance the fragrance of your home and look like decorations. With the aid of a bowl, mix about two cups of water and ten drops of essential oil. Include gelatin and salt in the bowl. Make sure that the ingredients dissolve then proceed to pour it into a mason jar. Let it harden then place it in any room of your choice. You can decide to place petals inside the jar or any other thing that would make it look appealing.

Carpet Deodorizer.

Most people don’t know that carpet helps in trapping odor. Deodorize the carpet by mixing spices or essential oils, baking soda, and borax inside a bowl. Shake this mixture over the carpets. Let it settle in for about twenty minutes then proceed to vacuum it.

Clean and fresh smelling home brings about a heavenly feeling, especially if it was done by natural means. To maintain your house clean you might want to schedule bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services in Calgary with Your Cleaning Fairy.