Fun Facts About Cleaning

by yourcleaningfairy - April 23, 2018

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Fun Facts About Cleaning.

House cleaning can be enjoyable to some people and tiring to others. It is an important activity in our lives, if we wish for our home to stay clean. For all the reasons why it’s necessary and beneficial to keep a clean living environment at home visit our previous post.

Below you’ll find some fun facts about cleaning that will either make you more eager to clean or book and appointment with cleaners in Calgary.

More Dirty Than Toilet.

For starters, did you know that kitchen sink contains more germs than toilet? This is for those who do not see the cleaning of their kitchen sink as a big deal. Most people actually view the kitchen sink as harmless, when compared to toilets. Apparently, the kitchen sink is more harmful, dirtier, and is made up of more germs than the toilet. It is strange, but completely true.

As another contrary to the general misconception that toilet seat holds the most germs. Apparently office desk, including computer keyboard and office phone, has over 400 times more bacteria than toilet seat.  Nevertheless, you still need to clean your seats. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Cleaners By Nature.

Nature has provided us with a wide variety of natural disinfectants and cleaning agents, when it comes down to the issue of cleaning.

Tomato ketchup can be a versatile cleaner . It can serve as a stain remover, it can equally polish tarnished brass and get rid of rust stains from fabrics.

There is more fruit that come in handy when cleaning the kitchen or anywhere in the home generally. For instance, a lemon can be used as a bleaching agent and substance disinfectant, just as a banana can polish silver items or your shoes!

Also, did you know that white vinegar is great for surface cleaning, counter, and table tops?

Did You Know?

Always remember to dust and vacuum your house regularly. It can never be clean enough. Did you know that about 70 to 80 percent of the dust in your home comprises of dead skin cells? That’s gross, right? That’s the more reason why you need to get your hoover out and give your home a thorough cleaning.

Statistics have revealed that the average woman spends more time cleaning than the average man. The average man trails at 6,500 hours of his lifetime while the average woman clean close to an impressive 13,000 hours of their lifetime. That’s a huge gap.

For antibacterial cleaner to be highly effective, it has to be left on surface, for at least 30 to 60 seconds before wiping away. Keep this in mind the next time you clean your bathroom or kitchen surface.

Do you clean your carpet ? And how often? It might probably surprise you that one square meter of carpet can hold about one kg of dirt. Thus, reemphasizing the need for cleanliness at all times.

On a final note, try to clean your house regularly. It’s importance cannot be overlooked. Cleaning for two hours help you burn at least 200 calories. Imagine if you do that regularly.

All these fun facts are presented to you by Your Cleaning Fairy!