House Cleaning With Children

by yourcleaningfairy - April 18, 2018

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Motivating Your Children To Help You With House Cleaning.


Before you consider hiring house cleaning services for your Calgary home, you should try to cultivate a cleaning culture with your kids so they learn to help without you having to ask them.

First, consider your children’s age when trying to get them to do the house cleaning chores. Younger children will need more direction and specific instructions guiding them on what to do. Older kids can benefit from a schedule with assigned chores or even chore cards. In both cases, you should specify deadlines for completing the said tasks and the consequences if the child does not complete the task.

Teaching Kids How to Clean.

Teaching your children how to clean will help them to be able to clean well. Your kids can watch you clean or you can instruct them on how to do specific tasks as you do them. You can go on to allow them to lend a hand and give feedback. Next, let the child work alone and you can offer direction as you check what they are doing. Giving positive feedback is important along with assigning tasks suited to their maturity level and age.

Start Young. Give Specific Instructions.

Toddlers are usually enthusiastic about helping out and they cherish any accomplishments. Establish expectations such as picking up and organizing toys, and your younger ones will catch on soon enough. Giving a simple direction or instruction at a time to a toddler is more effective. Instead of telling the child to clean their room, try telling him or her to put all the Legos in their container. It is easy for the child to understand.

Using the Right Supplies for House Cleaning.

Just as our house cleaning services in Calgary use the right cleaning equipment and supplies, you will also need the right tools for your children to clean effectively. Make sure you use kid-friendly and simple cleaning supplies and equipment. A simple microfiber cloth and some water can do a lot to clean those pesky spills.

House Cleaning Starts With Decluttering.

When there is no clutter then it will be much easier to clean your house. Clutter can be confusing when it is all over the house. Teach your children to clean up their clutter by dusting it off and arranging all the items in specific places in the house where they belong. Children may have difficulty differentiating between other items and clutter. A clutter-free environment is imperative for kids to clean successfully. Kids love to sort things out; it is in their nature. Make decluttering one of your child’s chores so that house cleaning will be much easier afterwards even if you will be calling in maid service in Calgary, they will have an easier time doing their job.

Mixing Work and Play.

House cleaning will be especially fun for children if you include games into the chores. You can tell the kids to finish a simple task before the end of a song to motivate them to work hard and fast. If the child finishes the task before the end of the song, then they can dance a bit as a motivator.

Use House Cleaning Schedule or Chart.

Once your little one is old enough to read, and you want to assign more than one task then you can write up a list of items with chores and a time frame for completing them. Make things fun by using some color on the chore chart or schedule with ‘medals’ for going the extra mile in keeping the house clean. Earning a specific number of medals could warrant a gift as a means of positive reinforcement.

Do Not Re-do the Child’s Work.

This will be doing the opposite of what you hope to achieve. Your child will get the sense that the work they did was not good enough and they will become more discouraged. Your child will not be bothered to learn how to clean properly because they know you will do it anyway. If you were more specific about certain tasks then you would rather do it and assign the child something they can manage.

What tips and tricks do you use to motivate your kids to help you with house cleaning?