Daily Housekeeping in Calgary.

by yourcleaningfairy - May 4, 2018

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Housekeeping In Calgary. List Of Daily Tasks To Keep Your House Clean.


Housekeeping in Calgary can be hectic at times, but the more you do it, the more it becomes easier and less stressful. Keeping a home clean is less about the time involved, and more about creating some good habits you can start to follow like a routine. To prevent having a cluttered house you need to try as much as possible to keep up with the daily housekeeping in Calga

Below are the daily tasks for your housekeeping in Calgary.

Housekeeping in calgary bedroom

1. Daily Bedroom Housekeeping.


Make Bed. Even though some people believe it’s a total waste of time, it really makes a big difference in how tidy the room looks. A well-made bed starts off the day well and everybody loves climbing into a made bed at the end of the day. A rumpled bed will make even the cleanest room appear untidy.

Pickup Clothes. Pick up scattered clothing around the room. Fold or hang clean clothes. Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket.

Housekeeping in calgary kitchen

2. Daily Kitchen Housekeeping.


Wash Dishes. You can start by emptying the dishwater if it’s full. Then load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes from the sink.

Clean Sink. After emptying the sink of dirty dishes, give it a quick scrub. As you might remember from our previous post Fun Facts About Cleaning, sink has more bacteria than toilet seat.

Wipe Down Kitchen Countertops and Stovetop. Clear the counter-tops of any clutter and wipe down. Clean the stove top of any messes and spills.

Clean Floor. Give the kitchen floor a quick sweep.

Housekeeping in calgary sofa

3. Daily Living Room Housekeeping.


Tidy Sofa. Straighten all pillows and blankets on the sofa.

Clean and Organize Coffee Table. Wipe away any crumbs and fingerprints from table tops. Arrange books and magazines.

Put Things Where They Belong. Put your child toys in toy organizer or ask them to do it. For tips how to encourage your kids to clean visit House Cleaning With Children.

Quick Vacuum. Do a quick vacuum of high traffic areas.

Housekeeping in calgary bathroom

4. Daily Bathroom Housekeeping.


Quick Wipe Down.  For daily housekeeping of the bathroom, do a quick wipe down of the countertop, sink, faucet and mirror.

Once you make daily housekeeping in Calgary a routine and habit, your home will always look clean, even when you are too busy to do a perfect cleaning. For when you need deeper professional house cleaning, call our Calgary cleaning service.