Monthly House Cleaning Tasks.

by yourcleaningfairy - May 23, 2018

cleaning windows


Monthly cleaning routine should include all those areas that are left out during daily and weekly house cleaning. The following areas are what you should consider when it comes to monthly house cleaning.

Ceiling Fan.

Most people forget to clean their ceiling fan on a weekly and daily basis. In fact, most people tend to forget it exists since they mainly focus on the most conspicuous surfaces in their homes. If you have never cleaned your ceiling fan, you will probably notice the accumulated dirt and dust that is clinging on the blades of the fan. Reach up and dust these fan blades at least every month.


Using a duster slowly dust off any dust particles from your light fixtures including your lampshades. This will help remove the dullness and insect remains from their surface. It will improve the lighting in your rooms.

Door Frames and Doors.

Start by dusting off the door frame and the door. Begin from the top as you move downwards. According to the materials used to make the door frame and door, thoroughly clean them using the appropriate detergents. Make sure that you dry them thoroughly to prevent the water form sipping into these parts.


With the aid of a handheld vacuum, vacuum the blinds using an attached soft brush. You might also use a duster or microfiber glove to do that.

Drapes and Curtains.

These could be done on monthly basis. According to manufacturer’s instruction either wash, dry clean or dust your drapes and curtains.


Dust off any dust particles from the surface. Avoid using abrasive materials to clean this part, as they will damage the surface.


Spot cleaning this area will remove any splatters, dust, furniture scuffs, and crayon marks.


Wash the interior part of the glass and wipe the windowsills. With the aid of a glass cleaner, remove the spots and streaks on the glass.


Cleaning inside the appliances renews their original quality and helps them work efficiently. Remove all the food from your fridge and wipe the fridge interior thoroughly. Throw away any food that has gone bad.


There is a good chance your oven has a lot of buildup if you mostly cook and dine at home. When cleaning your oven, make sure you have your windows open and use an appropriate oven cleaner. Your Cleaning Fairy offers oven cleaning as an add on, so you can order it with our cleaning services Calgary at any time.