How Can the Weather Affect Your Mood

by yourcleaningfairy - June 1, 2018

Proven Ways on How the Weather Affects Your Mood


Do you ever wonder why most of the time when the weather changes, your mood does too? It might seem like it’s just a coincidence, but science has proved that in some ways, the climate can affect the way you feel. Here is the effect of weather on human behavior depending on cloudy skies or sunny days.

Here are the effects of weather on human emotions.


Rain can bring the pain.

Have you ever heard a friend or someone say they can “feel the rain coming in their bones?” You might think it’s just a figure of speech, but might be true! Rain can sometimes cause pain because of a reduction in atmospheric pressure that lets bodily fluids move from tissue to blood vessels. This inflicts more pressure on both joints and nerves.

The result? Increased pain, reduced mobility, and stiffness. So the next time your forecaster tells you to prep for a big rainfall, ditch the cardio and head straight to yoga. Your shoulders and knees will thank you later.


Lack of sunlight can increase your appetite.

During winter, bears might hibernate, but we humans usually start devouring anything we can in sight. The lack of sunlight, also linked to rainy days, causes the serotonin level to drop, which cause carbohydrate cravings to increase, making you crave too much pasta and bread.

So when the rainy days come, instead of eating pasta, go for starchy veggies like potatoes, parsnips, or pumpkin–all equally comforting as spaghetti—and an excellent source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins.


Cold temperature can result in physical lethargy.

At cold temperatures, your muscles can feel slow. This is because when you’re cold, your sensory feedback, muscle strength, balance, skill, and blood flow are all reduced. Therefore, your ability to perform complex physical tasks gets affected.

Now you know why the initial morning chill keeps you glued to your bed and feeling entirely unmotivated to get up? It helps if you do at least 15 minutes of stretching after you wake up, as it will stimulate blood flow and get you going!


Exposure to sunlight can make you go on a shopping spree.

Do you find yourself racing to summer sales? Or sometimes impulsively going to the mall for a haul during a beautiful, sunny day? Researchers have found that exposure to the sun can be linked to higher levels of spending.

The reason being, sunny days make us feel more outgoing and confident. Thus, it also causes us to shop more. You can save money by remembering this the next time you get the urge to soak in the sun by shopping at the mall!


Gloomy days can make you feel sad.

Being exposed to less sunlight and lower temperatures can cause you to get sad–literally. SAD, meaning Seasonal Affective Disorder, typically affects people during cloudy seasons in whichever region of the world they live in, or when daylight diminishes.

When you are less exposed to sunlight, your body tends to produce an increased level of melatonin–the hormone making you feel sleepy. Consequently, when you start to crave for naps, your brain then produces lower serotonin levels, the one responsible for appetite, sleep, mood, and sexual desire.


Take this reason a chance to keep your home well-lit and always clean! And if you need help with tidying up, you can always call on the professionals to do the job.

And there you have it! Use this as a guide so the next time the weather changes, you know what to do!