Should You Wear Shoes Inside the House?

by yourcleaningfairy - May 16, 2018

Should You Really Remove Your Shoes Inside the House

Are you one of those people who cringe at the thought of having to take off your shoes before entering someone else’s house? Or even yours? If so, maybe after reading this article you will probably change your mind.

The habit of keeping your shoes on inside a home can be normal in some cultures—like in America and Europe—but disrespectful to others, like the Japanese. We tend to simply respect each culture and adapt our habits depending on where we are.

Although, scientist have recently discovered that the Japanese have been right all along.


Here are the top factors that you should consider in taking off your shoes knowing the dangers of wearing shoes in the house.



Dust and dirt buildup from your shoes can quickly be transferred into your home. Even if some of it isn’t toxic, carrying debris from the park or the street isn’t a great idea. No one wants to spend most of their precious time cleaning or hiring a professional cleaning service, only to undo all the hard work by bringing dust back through your shoes.

You’ll have to clean your floors again and perhaps even damage them. So remember to remove your shoes to tame the dust and invest on a doormat to catch anything that you might drag in before you take them off.



If you just drawback at the very thought of germs, but you still want your feet to be covered while in your home, then you should consider reading a study conducted by the University of Arizona. Get your pen and papers ready!

Scientists had collected microbes and germs on different footwear and found out that there are nine various forms of bacteria on the bottom of the shoes! In fact, it seems the soles of your shoes are dirtier than a toilet seat. And that in just two weeks of being worn, brand-new shoes were revealed to have over 440,000 units of bacteria that could cause pneumonia and other infections.



It’s true that your home shields you from a polluted outside world, but did you know that your footwear can carry them into your haven?

There are chemicals like coal tar that are used for paving roads and sealing potholes, and these can stay with you longer than you think. Once you carry them inside, they will settle as dust particles. Even if you think this is rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Health & Comfort

For the longest time, we’ve been wearing shoes, as they serve to protect our feet from the elements. But while we always want ourselves shielded, it has been proven to be detrimental to our health if we continue wearing them for additional hours.

Your feet also deserve to take a break from the arch support in your shoes to allow your muscles to recuperate. If you walk barefoot, not only do your feet get the air they need, it keeps your feet strong and flexible as it should be! But if you think you need your feet covered, you can always wear flip flops inside!


Now, when you’re being told to take off your shoes when you enter your or someone else’s home, don’t feel obliged–do it for the reasons if is it okay to wear shoes in the house!