Things You Should Be Cleaning But Probably Forget To

by yourcleaningfairy - November 22, 2018



Things We Forget To Clean.


It always pays to keep your home clean and if you know that every corner in your house is cleaned. It can be extremely satisfying.  However, the thing is, you might look around your house only to think it is clean but, there might be a few items you forget to clean on a regular basis. You may be thinking that you are a neat freak or that your regular housekeeping schedule is enough, but there are some things you might be overlooking during your cleaning.

Gym Equipment

Your workout equipment is exposed to all sorts of unhygienic particles or substances such as lotion, hair, skin cells, and of course, sweat during your training sessions. With that, there is a high chance you probably do not think of your training equipment when cleaning. However, it is also important to clean them to prevent exposure to these germs and bacteria the next time you work out.

Toothbrush Holders

It is recommended that we change toothbrushes as frequently as possible particularly after a bout of sickness but a good number of us probably do not clean the containers that hold these bathroom staples. Toothbrush holders are chock full of mold, bacteria, and germs with the potential of infecting toothbrushes if left unclean. Fill your holder with hot water when doing your cleaning, rinse it out and wipe it dry using a paper towel. Afterwards, fill it with mouthwash for a few minutes, pour it out, and air to dry.

Light Switches

You may not know it but light switches also harbor a vast collection of germs. You need to disinfect them whenever you do your cleaning. Wipe them down with a cloth and some household cleaner and use a cotton ball or Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt within the cracks.


Most people hardly ever think to clean their mattresses. It is important to flip the mattress after every 6  months to keep it from sagging to eliminate dust mites from the fabric. Sprinkle some essential oils and baking soda to eliminate odors before you flip it over. Allow the mix to work its magic for some minutes and vacuum the mattress to clean up the residue.

TV Remote

If you think about it, how many hands have had access to your remote control? These devices tend to have plenty of germs that pile up especially since we overlook them during cleaning. You can wipe down the surface of your remote using a disinfecting cloth. After that use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the spaces in between the buttons.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are notorious for collecting dust. There is a good chance we usually don’t notice when it is time for regular cleanups. You can use a feather duster to clean up any extra dust from picture frames while being particularly cautious with textures or gilded frames to avoid damaging the delicate finish. You can wipe down metal picture frames with soap and water.


Last but not least are shelves. They can be easily assumed to be dust-free if you do not interact much with them. The truth is that most cupboards usually have very many dust mites on the surfaces and even on the contents located on the shelves. Ensure you wipe down your shelves using a damp rag and dust the objects sitting on top of these shelves.

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