The Many Uses of Olive Oil Around the House

by yourcleaningfairy - January 9, 2019

olive oil for cleaning


Olive oil, as recent research would have it, can easily be equated to the elixir of health. Other than helping prevent various cardiovascular diseases, it is known for helping prolong life. Yet, its numerous benefits extend far being kitchen use and health, into house cleaning and maintenance.

Indeed, you can also use olive oil for other uses other than cooking. Below we take a look at a few ways you can use olive oil around the house.


Furniture Polish

If you’re having a few guests over, polished furniture can help create a good first impression. Moreover, they can be great conversation starters, especially if one of your guests inquires about them.

With olive oil, there is absolutely no need to invest in expensive furniture polish. Instead, mix a quarter of a cup of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil. With this mixture alone, you can clean the dirt off your furniture and polish them at the same time.


Paint Clean Up and Remover

Certain household projects involve paint. In the effort to make our home look cleaner, we often get our hands covered in paint or some other form of muck. Instead of scrubbing them away for hours under a faucet, try olive oil.

Mix some olive oil with salt or sugar and scrub away. Not only will the paint come right off, but your hands will feel softer.


Shoe Polish

Using shoe polish tends to contaminate the air with a potent smell. As if that’s not enough, shoe polish tends to stain. Banish it from your household by replacing it with some good old olive oil.

Olive oil does just a good a job as shoe polish, if not better. Keep in mind that you should use olive oil on leather shoes only.


Hinge Lubricant

Creaks can be annoying, especially at night when you are trying to sneak in a midnight snack. Instead of having to deal with them every single day, why not try some natural olive oil. Pour some on a cotton ball and wipe down the hinges.

Granted, there are products in the market that can help fix hinges in need of lubrication. However, olive oil is a much simpler and cheaper solution.


Shine Booster

If you’re tired of dull looking silverware, use a few drops of olive oil to remedy the situation. You’ll need to clean your items first. After they are dry, pour a few drops onto a clean cloth before buffing them.


Sticker Remover

Raising children can be as joyous as it is exhausting. They have a knack for causing havoc on anything that is prohibited and dangerous. From doodles on the white walls to stickers all over your expensive furniture and floor, it can be hard to control them.

However, by dabbing on some olive oil to a sticker, you can easily remedy the problem. Olive oil causes the stickers to peel right off without having to damage your beautiful floors.

Also, olive oil is great when trying to remove chewing gum from your child’s hair. However, be sure to wash the child’s hair after getting rid of the chewing gum.